Like the blog! I'm new tumblr but I also own a R32 gtst! Keep postin the good pics :).

Thanks man for the love! 

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Its awesome to see others that appreciate these marvelous machines as much as I do, I own an R33 GT coupe, sadly its just an RB20E but still a skyline none the less, btw love the blog dude

Thanks for the love man! Should do a swap to a RB25DET :D

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I love your blog man! Too bad skylines are illegal in the U.S. :(

Thanks man! I heard theyre making some exceoptions here and there for them now, so keep an eye out, will most likely start seeing them on the roads!

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I love your Blog dude ! Can you post a Pic from your own Skyline if you got one ? Glad if you can do that thoe ;) Post moah PICTURES ! I WANT MY OWN SKYLINE ! q.q

Hey mate! Thanks for the love :) Here is a picture of my R32 Skyline. I love her to bits, but makes the girlfriend jealous of course :P 

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Nissan Skyline C210

Image by Marcel Lech

Australia - Where I live :) 

Australia - Where I live :)